Can College Be In Your Child's Future?

The answer is YES! It takes planning and conversation. Where do you go from here? One of your stops should be your child’s school counselor’s office.

The Alvord Unified School District and Riverside Unified School District counselors offered these suggestions for some of the questions you may want to ask:

1. Should my child attend a community college or a four year university?
2. When do we start planning for college? When do we start creating the four year plan?
3. What kind of interventions do you offer for my child who is struggling academically?
4. How do some classes prepare our child for high school and/or college?
5. How does AVID help my son or daughter?
6. How do I choose a college?
7. Why is community service important?
8. How do I prepare for important tests?
9. How do I apply for financial aid?
10. When should I apply for college?

School counselors assist students throughout middle and high school to prepare for their futures. The best preparation for a successful future is to complete a two year or four year college education.

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