Help Your Child Be College-Ready!

Parents play a critical role in ensuring students are college-ready.  Here are some tips for how you can help ensure your child is college-ready:

  • Help your child with homework and meet with teachers and counselors to discuss coursework that will prepare your child for college.
  • Log-on to to explore careers, create a college plan, and learn about college options.
  • Talk to your children about careers that interest them and what college they would like to attend.
  • Research financial aid, scholarships and Cal Grants. Consider opening a college savings account at ScholarShare (
  • Encourage your child to take the A-G college prep course sequence in high school. These are the minimum courses required to apply for the University of California, California State University, and to perform well at community colleges.
  • Contact the UC, CSU, Community College, or private college campuses you are interested in to schedule a tour and get information about programs, admission requirements and financial aid.