The Counseling Department at Riverside City College offers Guidance courses that are crucial in a student's goal to navigate through the Community College system in an efficient and thorough journey.  The four Guidance courses offered are Guidance 45, Guidance 46, Guidance 47 and Guidance 48.  See below for a description of each course and what each course offers students.

GUIDANCE 45 (Introduction to College - 1 Unit) is designed to introduce academic and occupational programs, college resources and personal factors that contribute to success as a college student This course includes an extensive exploration of Riverside Community College resources and policies, orientation to college life, student rights and responsibilities, as well as certificates, graduation and transfer requirements Students will prepare a Student Educational Plan (S E P ) As a result of class activities and exploration of factors influencing educational decisions, class members will be able to utilize the information obtained in class to contribute to their college success.  (18 hours lecture) 

GUIDANCE 46 (Introduction to the Transfer Process - 1 Unit) Provides an intorduction to the transfer process.  This course includes an in-depth exploration of transfer requirements, admissions procedures, requirements for majors, and financial aid opportunities.  The information learned will enable students to make informed choices on majors, four-year institutions and and in academic planning.  (18 hours lecture)

GUIDANCE 47 (Career Exploration and Life Planning - 3 Units)  In-depth career and life planning:  Topics include extensive exploration of one;s values, interest and abilities; life problem-solving and self-management skills, adult development theory and the changes that occur over the life span; self-assrssment including identifying one's skills and matching personality with work.  An intensive career investigation; decision-making, goal setting and job search strategies as well as resume writing and interviewing skills will also be addressed.  This course is designed to assist those students considering the transition of a career change or undecided about the selection of a college transfer major.  Required materials fee will be charged to the student and is not covered by the Board of Governor's Waiver (BOGW)  (54 hours lecture)

GUIDANCE 48 (College Success Strategies - 2 units)  This comprehesive course integrates personal growth and values, academic study strategies and critical thinking techniques.  Students will obtain skills and personal/interpersonal awareness necessary to succeed in college.  Topics include time management, test taking and study tecniques, notetaking skills, communication and relationships, critical thinking and personal health.  (36 hours lecture)