Dr. Pepper Scholarship

Dr. Pepper is giving out a total of $1,000,000 in scholarships for creating a sixty second video! Click here for more info! 

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  • College

    The Amazing College Race

    Ready. Set. Go! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to win a piece of $3,000 in scholarships.  The Amazing Col...

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  • College

    Information Sessions

    Check out the schedule for Completion Counts information sessions. Remember, any RUSD or AUSD student can attend ANY ses...

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  • High School

    College Testing

    College testing is an important element of the college application process. It is one of the major factors that colleges...

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  • College

    UCR Facebook

    Check out the UCR Facebook page for helpful information concerning The University of California, Riverside. ...

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  • Businesses & Partners

    Riverside Wins Gates Grant

    Completion Counts, a citywide initiative to increase the college-going rate and success of Riverside students, kicked of...

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  • Financial Aid

    Community Scholars Scholarship

    CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION There is a $7,000.00 Scholarship on Riverside City College's Scholarship page for high s...

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  • Events

    Highlander Day at UCR

    Today, UC Riverside is one of the most highly ranked universities in the country and in the world. Their students, alumn...

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  • Mentors & Educators

    Online Homework Help

    Brainfuse – Riverside Public Library Homework Help Brainfuse, otherwise referred to as the HelpNow network, is an...

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  • Parents & Families


    AB540Do you know a student who is undocumented and wants to go to college? Have you heard of the term AB540? Am I AB540?...

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