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Raising Riverside's College Graduation Rates

The best jobs and fastest growing industries will gravitate to communities and regions with a highly qualified workforce. Providing our youth with the opportunity to go to college is critically important, but we can’t stop there. We need more Riverside students to graduate from college – and we’re working together to make it happen by 2020.

Giving Riverside Students a Two-Year College Completion Guarantee

Eligible graduates of Riverside’s two school districts now get a guarantee from Riverside City College to complete their degree or transfer within two years. Incoming Riverside students, beginning with the Class of 2012, will get priority class registration, a guaranteed seat in math and English classes, and frequent assistance from an RCC counselor to create a two-year course plan to reach the student’s educational goals.

Preparing Riverside Students for College-Level Work

The number one indicator of college completion is high school academic rigor, according to the U.S. Department of Education. We’re bringing together high school teachers with college professors to design a seamless English and math curriculum, and prepare Riverside students for college-level work. That way, students won’t have to take remedial courses in college – saving them time and money to earn their degree.

Making College Information Accessible for Riverside Students

An overwhelming majority of Riverside students are the first in their family to go to college. Our high school and college student advisors are now working together to find the best methods to guide them in-person, through, and Career Cruising.  The result is step-by-step information on college-prep classes, college admissions, financial aid opportunities, and counseling on selecting a major.

Using Student Achievement Data to Drive Decision Making

It is critical to track and evaluate how our students move through our education system to focus on proven methods that will lead students to a college degree. We are now ensuring our schools and community college have a centralized data system on student test scores, courses taken, grades earned, college enrollment, transfer, and graduation.